Roxy Music - Thrill of it all 1972 -1982 (2008)
Genre Muziek
Film Release Datum 2008
Land Groot-Brittannië
Taal Engels
Speelduur 168 min.
Medium DVD
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Roxy Music
Disc 1 (1972-1976)
'Re-make/Re-model' 06/72--Royal College of Art
'Ladytron' 06/20/72--Old Grey Whistle Test
'Virginia Plain' 08/24/72--Tops of the Pops
'For Your Pleasure' 11/25/72--Full House
'Do the Strand' 04/03/73--Old Grey Whistle Test
'In Every Dream Home a Heartache' 04/03/73--Old Grey Whistle Test
'Editions of You' (Live) 04/29/73--Golden Rose Festival
'Pyjamarama' 01/23/74--Musikladen
'Amazona' 01/23/74--Musikladen
'Psalm' 01/23/74--Musikladen
'All I Want is You' 10/04/74--Top of the Pops
'Both Ends Burning' 10/75--Empire Pool, Wembley
'Love is the Drug' 10/09/75--Supersonic
'The Thrill of it All' (Live) 01/23/76--Stockholm
'Mother of Pearl' (Live) 01/23/76--Stockholm
'Nightingale' (Live) 01/23/76--Stockholm
'Out of the Blue' (Live) 01/23/76--Stockholm
'Street Life' (Live) 01/23/76--Stockholm

Disc 2 (1979-1982)
'Dance Away' 04/16/79--ABBA in Switzerland
'Manifesto' (Live) 05/06&07/79--Manchester Apollo
'A Song for Europe' (Live) 05/06&07/79--Manchester Apollo
'Still Falls the Rain' (Live) 05/06&07/79--Manchester Apollo
'Ain't That So' (Live) 05/06&07/79--Manchester Apollo
'Angel Eyes' 08/79--promo video
'Trash' 1979--promo video
'Over You' 05/15/80--Top of the Pops
'Oh Yeah!' (On the Radio) 08/07/80--Top of the Pops
'Same Old Scene' 11/80--promo video
'Rain, Rain, Rain' 12/19/80--Rockpop In Concert
'Flesh and Blood' 12/19/80--Rockpop In Concert
'Jealous Guy' 02/81--promo video
'The Main Thing' (Live) 08/27/82--Frejus, France
'While My Heart is Still Beating' (Live) 08/27/82--Frejus, France
'Avalon'(Live) 08/27/82--Frejus, France
'My Only Love' (Live) 08/27/82--Frejus, France
'More Than This' 04/82--promo video
Bonus Track: 'The Main Thing' 1982--promo video
Bonus Track: 'Avalon' 1982--promo video

Roxy Music (1st album), For Your Pleasure, Stranded

Roxy Music was one of the most interesting bands of the 1970's. But they produced so many different kinds of music that they are a hard band to define. Initially, they were an art rock act (Bryan Ferry was an ex-art school teacher) and their first gig was played at an art school. Very few bands were or have ever been as artsy as Roxy Music c. 1973, and the early performances w/ Eno dressed in his infamous peacock feathers are revelations for the eye and the ear. But with the departure of Eno after the second album, they became another, and, for some, less interesting, kind of band. (Interestingly enough, Eno claims his favorite Roxy album is the third one, Stranded, the one they made right after he departed).
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