Emerson Lake & Palmer - Beyond the beginning (2005)
Genre Muziek
Studio Niet gespecificeerd
Film Release Datum 2005
Land Groot-Brittannië
Taal Engels
Speelduur 250 min.
Medium DVD
Kleur Kleur
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Lake And Palmer Emerson
A name that is synonymous with 1970s rock, Emerson, Lake and Palmer have some of their career highlights gathered here. The band typified the prog-rock noodling of the early '70s, with keyboard player Keith Emerson frequently peppering their offerings with lengthy solos that demonstrated his seemingly limitless abilities. Their live shows were as loftily ambitious as their music, with each tour offering bigger stage sets, longer songs, and a blissful experience for ears that were finely-tuned to a popular trend that soon became wildly unfashionable with the dawning of punk rock. This eclectic collection brings together various oddities such as TV appearances, promotional videos, a documentary about the band, and a 44 minute jam from a 1974 California festival.
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