Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Works Orchestral Tour (2003)
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Film Release Datum 7-1-2003
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Info: Arguably the two best videos of ELP, each one from two climatic moments of the band's history. "The Manticore Special" comes from the Brain Salad Surgery era (which, unfortunately, never had a complete show video released). "Works Orchestral Tour" might be the very peak of ELP on stage, as on that historical night of August 26th, 1977, the band played (and had the show filmed) to a sold out audience of 70,000 fans, sharing the Montreal Olympic Stadium stage with the ELP 65 piece orchestra and Conductor Godfrey Salmon (who would work again with Keith Emerson in "Inferno" and "Nighthawks").

Side 1
Works Orchestral Tour (1977, 87 minutes)
Director: Ron Kantor
08/26/1977, Montreal Olympic Stadium
01.Abbadon’s Bolero [chapter 1]
02.The Enemy God
03.Karn Evil 9 1st impression part 2
04.Pictures at an Exhibition
05.C’est la Vie
06.Lucky Man [chapter 2]
07.Piano Concerto no. 1 3rd movement
09.Nutrocker [chapter 3]
11.Fanfare for the Common Man/Rondó/Fanfare for the Common Man [chapter 4]

Side 2
The Manticore Special (1973, 53 minutes)
Director: Nick Hague
01.Abbadon’s Bolero (Trilogy recording) [chapter 1]
02.Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2 (Live)
03.Karn Evil 9 3rd Impression and practicing 2nd Impression (at Manticore Studios)
04.Karn Evil 9 2nd Impression (at Manticore Studios)
05.Pictures At An Exhibition - The Great Gates of Kiev (Live) [chapter 2]
06.Benny the Bouncer (instrumental version)
07.Benny the Bouncer (Brain Salad Surgery version)
08.Lucky Man (Live)
09.Drum Solo (Live)
10.Westminster Quarters/William Tell Overture (Percussion lesson) [chapter 3]
11.Fugue (at Keith's)
12.Tarkus - Mass (Live)
13.Toccatta (Brain Salad Surgery version)
14.Guitar Soundcheck
15.Timpani soundcheck
16.Opening Act [chapter 4]
17.Playing Before Getting On Stage
18.Pictures At An Exhibition - The Curse of Baba-Yaga (including Abbadon's Bolero theme) and The Great Gates Of Kiev (Live)
19.Still.... You Turn Me On (Live)
20.Hoedown (Live)
21.Jam Session (at Manticore Studios)/End Credits

Bonus: Black Moon Music Video (1992)
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