Eric Clapton - Live in Hyde Park (1997)
Genre Muziek
Studio Niet gespecificeerd
Film Release Datum 1997
Land Groot-Brittannië
Taal Engels
Filmkeuring unrated
Speelduur 89 min.
Medium DVD
Kleur Kleur
Eric Clapton Himself
Regisseur Julia Knowles
This is 1996,Eric Clapton at Hyde Park for the Prince's Trust.And what a show he puts out!!Brilliant!!The picture and sound quality of the DVD is great.the backing band includes andy fairwetaher Low,Dave Bronze,Steve and Chris Stainton.Let me just run through the tracks
Layla - Acoustic version.......well done.
Badge - EC takes the blue strat from here.
Hoocie Coochie man - EC plays this track on every DVD. Good harmonica solo here.
I shot the sheriff - My fave track.Great solo from Eric.sizzling stuff!
It hurts me too - Great slide work from EC on this Elmore James number.switches to a gibson hollowbody.
Wonderful Tonight - staple Clapton stuff...nothing special.
Five long years - another awesome blues numbr.Eric's strat sets it alight....another great solo.
Tearin us apart - EC does this number with backing vocalist Kim Kasoon (who does tina turner's part).I love this one....good vocals,good beat and again nice solo.
Old Love - "I can feel your body..."...nice song.EC keeps it simple during the verses and ends with a pasionate solo.
I'm torn down - Freddie king number.EC gets his ES-335 out and emulates one of his heroes.i got hooked to Freddie after hearing this one.
Have you really loved a woman - Another Ec blues standard.He again puts out scorching solos on his Cherry 335 but somehow for me the rendition with duane allman will always remain at different level.
White room - Late Cream number.this has a Wah-Wah solo with andy fairweather singing along.The version from 24 nights is better.
Everday i have the blues - A fast paced blues number.
Holy Mother - the encore backed by choir.
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Koppelingen Atlantic DVD
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Release Datum 20-11-2001
Scherm Verhouding PAL 16:9
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Geluidssporen Dolby Digital 5.1
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