Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Pictures at an exhibition (1970)
Genre Muziek
Studio Niet gespecificeerd
Film Release Datum 1970
Land Groot-Brittannië
Taal Engels
Filmkeuring unrated
Speelduur 45 min.
Medium DVD
Kleur Kleur
Keith Emerson keyboards
Greg Lake vocals guitars
Carl Palmer drums
Emerson Lake and Palmer led a movement of progressive rock and roll that combined elements of classical and jazz in an improvisational, experimental style that resounded with audiences in the 1970s. The band was unusual for its three man structure, and the emphasis of keyboards over guitar. After a very hectic history of breakups, solo albums, and movie soundtracks they reunited in the last several years once more. But Pictures at an Exhibition takes you back to nearly the beginning; back to 1970 and a live concert at Lyceum Theater in London on December 9th. The concert was filmed but would not be seen in America until about a year later, since their US distributor said the concert was "a piece of shit that would damage their careers." But after it became a huge hit in Europe (with 50,000 copies being sold in America from European distributors) they felt differently and released it, where it reached multi-platinum status. That concert film, and the soundtrack album that accompanied it, are both now available on a DVD/CD set from Music Video Distributors.
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The Curse Of Baba Yaga
The Hut Of Baba Yaga
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Gezien Ja
Index 5119
Verzamel Status In Verzameling
Aanschafdatum 9-5-2005
Koppelingen DVD Empire
Editie gegevens
Hoofdstukken 13
Release Datum 30-7-2002
Scherm Verhouding NTSC 16:9
Ondertitels Geen
Geluidssporen Dolby Digital 5.1
Lagen Enkelzijdig, Enkellaags
Aantal 1