Najib Amhali: Veni Vidi Vici (2001)
Genre Cabaret
Studio Niet gespecificeerd
Film Release Datum 2001
Land Nederland
Taal Nederlands
Speelduur 95 min.
Medium DVD
Kleur Kleur
Najib Amhali Himself
Regisseur Jop Pannekoek
Schrijver Najib Amhali
Producent Barbara Ennik
Najib Amhali: Veni Vidi Vici is the film of Dutch comedian Najib Amhali performing his act live on stage. Najib Amhali world famous for his cunning wit and satirical comedy performs many of his most popular sketches live as well as some newer material never before shown in front of a live audience. Najib Amhali also makes great use of the live audiences to enhance his comedy which also serves as a smart social commentary on the life of the Dutch people. Najib Amhali is at his best in this entertaining and insightful live performance which will is able to be enjoyed by not only Dutch comedy fans, but lovers of insightful humor all over the world.
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Index 5165
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Regio Region 1
Aantal 1